Hello, World!

This is pretty much obligatory, isn’t it?

Consider this the extremely overdue launch of my new personal website. It’s basic, boring, and the result of spending far too much time worrying about everything being perfect. Perfection is unattainable, yet there’s always been something in the back of my head that has lead me to scrap my work and throw my hands up in frustration.

Writing has also been something that I’ve wanted to start doing for an embarrassingly long time. I see the value of it every day when I look at what others in the industry are writing and the kind of impact it can make. I want to start writing too, if only for my own benefit, but I’ve been unable to summon the motivation to get started.


I’ll freely admit that I struggle with expecting a certain amount of perfection in my work. Frankly I’m not sure where that expectation came from, or when it came to be, but I fully recognize that it’s both a blessing and a curse. I believe that it helps me achieve a quality of work that I can be proud of, but feel it’s debilitating effect far more often than I would like.

I didn’t write as a hobby growing up either (and you can be sure I only wrote as much as was required in school) so writing is not something that comes naturally to me. As a reader I would advise you plan to gloss over the many grammatical issues and excessive punctuation.

Spare time to work on personal projects hasn’t been as freely available as it once was either. Since I graduated six years ago I’ve moved to a new city, gotten married, adopted a dog, and bought a house. Life comes at you fast, and how you choose to spend your free time can change very quickly.


I plan to let the design of this site evolve naturally rather than my initial effort to drop in a masterpiece full of content that doesn’t exist yet. I was too focused on creating a beautiful design and not enough on creating quality content. The design will update as the content grows.

I will strive to keep this site fully accessible. I firmly believe that anyone in any context or situation should be able to consume the content created here. Perhaps it’s a little unrealistic, but it’s still a worthwhile goal.

Lastly, I want to do my best to start a consistent pattern of writing. Even if the new content isn’t published right away I want to be able to put my thoughts and experiences into words more frequently.